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Knock knock!! House Keeping!!


Please remember when visiting the Luniverse we do have rules and we urge you to familiarise yourself with them before entering our world


This world is created for you to enjoy, relax and explore yourselves and each other


But always remember

Consent is sexy

Consent is key and Consent in not negotiable


 No means no.


Never take what doesn't want to be taken and don't give what is not wanted.


Do not touch another person's body or flesh without direct and clear consent.


Do not disturb other quests without clear and direct consent (this means no solo wankinq, touching, edging in etc).


Always ask permission before intruding into any play.


Do not fight or be aggressive towards other Guests or performers or staff.


If you see aggression please let staff or Awareness Team know.


We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, racism, homophobia, anti trans or hate speech.


Twerfs, swerfs are not welcome.


Respect. Respect. Respect


We will have our care team and awareness team walking around the house at all times.


A hand-picked selection of caring and loving souls and party veterans wearing GREEN high vis jackets who know how to look out for you and are there to help with whatever the situation.


Any member of staff (incl bar staff) can be spoken to at any time, they are all connected via walkie talkie to security and the door.


Never feel embarrassed about asking and talking to them.


Take care of one and other and always reach out if needed.


We are here for you.


Please we urge you to not consume more than you can manage

pace yourself, take care and be aware of your limits and do not push yourself or feel pressured to partake

Keep an eye on your friends and watch for fellow guests who may be displaying strange or worrying behaviour.


Support each other, reach out.


Take a break and drink water off dance floors


Be caring, Be kind, Be present,  Be loving, Be safe


Respect each other 


be open and be free.


Please We urge you not to come to this event if you feel any of the above do not apply.


Anyone who is found to be disobeying these rules, you will be leaving immediately and dealt with accordingly

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