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From the creative minds of Bad Bruises and the House of Red Doors.

House of Lunacy is an adult playground for the senses, a sex positive space with consent and comfort at it's principle core.

A warren of Art, Theatre and Performances from Berlins most creative souls.

Set over 4 floors of the infamous Renate Club, House of Lunacy creates a lovers Labyrinth for all to explore and 'get lost and find themselves' in. No experience is the same. 

We are a LGBTQ+ space and we do not tolerate any forms of discrimination or Homophobia. 

House of Lunacy has a strict dress code and door  policy. Each event is created with a creative theme in mind for guests to explore with their clothes, costumes and bodies. This is not negotiable and we expect all who jump into this world to join in. This is to enhance everyones experience and to truly create a new adventurous world of love and freedom. 

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