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A constellation of many events, ideas and concepts coming together to create a Luniverse of Art, Creativity and Expression. 

Lunacy is a new Performance Art and Cultural Institution formed of many beautiful celestial bodies. 

From the creative minds of

Bad Bruises and The House of Red Doors 

Star Cluster


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​Lunacy Berlin is dedicated to creating high quality, fully professional and unique experiences. Our worlds can range from Immersive Dining shows, Weddings,Festival Entertainment, Club Events, Walkabout, bespoke performances and of course events that are more 'intimate' and experimental. 


We have a vast experience in providing the perfect artists to the perfect crowd and have a plethora of talent and skills we can lend to any kind of event.


Want to know more? Please get in touch - info@lunacyberlin.com

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For a glimpse into our worlds, visit our Instagram and Facebook

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